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College Essays related to 'America'

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This 4-page paper focuses on the problems with today's society in America and discusses, from the point of view of Russell Kirk and William F. Buckley, what can be done to change it. Included is a discussion on the role of conservatism as it pertains to change. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


America In The 1840's: Transition To A Strongly Pro-Democratic And Pro-Party Regime

6 pages in length. The United States began as a nation without parties and with a limited dedication to democratic ideals. Examining why by the 1840s America developed into a strongly pro-democratic and pro-party regime finds one focusing upon personal agenda and the pangs of national growth as viable explanations of such a drastic transition. The extent to which this modification fit in with original Constitutional designs was questionable at best, particularly with regard to that which espoused consensual rather than majoritarian arrangements. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


America Grows Up: A Comparative Examination of Culture as Represented in the Television Series "Three's Company" and "Friends"

A 4 page paper which presents a point of view that reveals television as a mirror reflecting prevailing cultural attitudes regarding sex, relationships and the family structure by comparing the series "Three's Company" (1977-1984) and "Friends" (1994-2004). Bibliography lists 2 sources.


America and an Idealistic Vision: Literature

A 6 page paper which examines the idealistic vision presented in characters seen in Amy Tan's "Joy Luck Club," F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," Anzia Yezierska's "The Lost Beautifulness," and Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Interpreter of Maladies." No additional sources cited.


America 2014; The Loss of Freedom to Democracy!

This 3 page paper considers the novel America 2014 written in the style of George Orwell's 1984 written shortly after the Second World War, is a criticism of the way in which power may take away freedom and liberty as a result of the manipulation of free in the post 9/11 society where the war on terrorism reaches an extreme level. The bibliography cites 3 sources.


America And Russia: Tensions And Impact Upon Global Community

8 pages in length. The writer discusses how the tensions between America and Russia transpired throughout the twentieth century. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


America Movil

This 5 page paper provides financial information for America Movil for the last five years and evaluates it with regard to the company's performance and projections for the future. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


America and the Self-Made Man

This 9 page paper discusses the way in which entrepreneurs have lived and thrived in America. Larry Schweikart's book is extensively referenced. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


America (1600-1774): The Land of Opportunity?

In four pages this paper considers whether or not colonial America truly represented a land of opportunity in an examination of the circumstances that dictated this opportunity, its limitations, who prospered, and who did not. Four sources are listed in the bibliography.


Economic Impact of the Railroad in 19th Century America

This 8 page paper discusses the history and development of railroads in America and their economic impact on American society. The advent of the railroad and the expansion of rail service across the country changed American business, politics, and economics. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


Economic Growth in Latin America

An 8 page research paper discussing the impact of foreign debt on Latin America's economic growth and development. The writer discusses Mexico, Brazil, & Argentina, --and -- also focuses on the economies and the social implications arising from the foreign debt in these countries. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


Free Market Capitalism In Latin America

A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the issues relating to economic development in Latin America. This paper suggest that the assumption that the key to progress in Latin American is the lifting of barriers to free market capitalism has considerable problems when applied to Brazil and Peru. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Migration, Informal Economic Sector & Neo-Liberalism In Latin America

An essay of 4 pages defining and discussing the three economic terms in relation to Latin American countries and their economies. Bibliography lists 3 sources..


Poverty in America

This 25 page report discusses poverty in America and its impact on quite nearly every problem in America - crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, AIDS, spouse abuse, malnutrition, school drop-out rates and more. Since the 1960s and 1970s, policymakers have fiercely debated the appropriate role of government in providing solutions to these problems. Treating only the symptoms of poverty is costly, and trying to eliminate poverty by isolating the poor sacrifices the approach proven to be most effective: integration into mainstream society. This report examines some of the most significant impacts of poverty in modern America. Bibliography lists 22 sources.


The Death Penalty In America

This 5 page paper opposes capital punishment based on a conflict perspective. The argument includes factual information about the incompetence of court appointed attorneys. The point made is that due to social stratification, the criminal justice system is unfair and thus, the death penalty should be abolished. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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