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College Essays related to 'Diversity'

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Diversity in the Workplace

A 10 page paper which explores diversity in the workplace -- its importance, ways in which it can be encouraged, corporate America's efforts to encourage diversity and future implications. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


Diversity Training Manual Development

This 25 page report serves an example thesis for the process of creating a workplace diversity training manual and looks at the wide variety of factors influencing the creation of such a document. The primary issue that must be addressed in terms of a 'multi-diversity-supportive-workplace' is the benefits associated with a supportive work environment in which a truly varied and unique group of people are able to companionably and productively work together regardless of personal or ideological differences. This report serves as a guide for the development of a diversity training manual that can itself serve as a valuable guide for any organization. Bibliography lists 20 sources.


Diversity in Special Education

A 10 page paper that looks at the issues regarding ethnic and physical diversity in special education and also considers the impact of the call for inclusion as it impacts educational diversity as a whole. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Diversity & Cultural Nationalism

An 8 page essay on cultural diversity and its convolutions in political, social and religious intermarriages. The paper focuses on the African American, Asian, Islamic, and Jewish interrelationships (or lack of ) formed in the United States. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Diversity Within Hospitals: Multicultural Care Considerations :

A 5 page discussion of the issues revolving around multicultural care in the hospital environment. Points out that not only are some cultures more capable of expressing their needs to medical personnel, they sometimes differ in the degree that they are receptive to care, and are more prone to certain conditions. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Diversity in the Workplace

This 5 page report discusses workplace diversity and offers two brief examples of situations in which a definite lack of diversity exists. Although the legislation of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action laws helped issues of diversity emerge as significant concerns, they did not necessarily assure that the typical American working environment was one that acknowledged, accepted, indeed encouraged, a diverse and multi-dimensional standard for its workforce. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Diversity and Unity in Panama;

This 5 page paper argues the hypothesis that resource diversity and philosophical multiplicity covary directly with voluntary unity in Panama. The paper uses modern times and looks at each of these aspects in order to test the idea. The bibliography cites 3 sources.


Diversity Between Customers and Employees

A 10 page paper discussing implications of lack of diversity in the workplace and how it can affect relations with customers of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds. Many organizations have diversity programs in place that focus on internal relationships, but from the customer's perspective, it must be the "front line" employees - those with the greatest degree of direct customer contact - who are most cognizant of the fact that people are people, regardless of the color package they inhabit. No other area of operation has the same ability to directly affect the bottom line. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


Diversity Training in Human Resources Management

Diversity Training in Human Resources Management: This 13-page essay examines the feasibility of diversity training relevant to corporations and their HR management staff. Diversity is about respecting differences, fostering understanding, value creation and overall market effectiveness inside and outside of one's organization. But will there be a backlash? Bibliography lists 8 sources. SNDivhus.doc


Diversity - Pepsico And Coca-Cola

A 12 page paper that discusses the diversity initiatives at these two companies. Pepsico's commitment to antidiscimination and diversity goes back to 1898. Some of the numerous actions taken by Pepsico are outlined. Since Coca-Cola settled a discrimination case involving black employees in 2000, they have embarked on numerous programs and taken steps to assure diversity. These are discussed as is the settlement made by Coca-Cola. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Diversity in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism

This 10 page paper provides an overview of this brand of buddhism and explores how the organization--NSA which later would split to become two distinct entities--promotes diversity. Despite problems in the organization, the buddhist teachings would continue. A history of the organization is included. Diversity is defined. A proposal for the paper is also included. Bibliography lists15 sources.


Diversity in the University Environment

This 28 page paper is a literature review that considers the forms of diversity that may manifest in a campus environment. These include racial and ethnic differences, economic and class differences as well as the issues of age and mature students. The writer looks at these individually, considering how they develop and how these will need to be dealt with by any collage seeking to form a stronger community basis. The writer also considers the similarities different educational establishments and how research may be undertaken. The bibliography cites 29 sources.



This 5 page paper tackles the question about diversity training in the corporate setting. What is it? How can it be applied? What is it not? Examples and quotes from top executives given. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Diversity In The Military

11 pages in length. The military has been faced with a multitude of personal and cultural issues of late that have served to force the non-civilian community to step back and take a long look at its historic policies. From gender to race to sexual orientation, the military has grappled with significant changes that have both fortified and pulled apart members of its various outfits. This coming of age, so to speak, has rendered a re-evaluation from the highest ranking position all the way down to those who hold the title of private, inasmuch as the issues at hand were growing ferocious in nature and demanded to be addressed. Clearly, the closing of the twentieth century presented the military with a strong lesson in accepting diversity. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Diversity in the Workplace: Obtaining and Keeping the Best Corporate Talent

15 pages. There is tremendous competition among corporate headhunters today to find the best corporate talent for their organization. Even more difficult is finding a way to keep that talent happy once they are hired. In today's workforce it is quite common for employees to move from job to job in order to further their careers more quickly. This is not like the era of our fathers and grandfathers when one worked in the same position for forty years and retired with a gold watch. This paper is an excellent treatise on how to obtain and keep the best corporate talent in any organization. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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