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College Essays related to 'Film'

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Film Review

A 2 page reaction essay to the movie "This Magnificent African Cake." Film depicted the hypocrisy of imperialistic conquest of Africa by European countries during the early 20th century. No bibliography.


Film Analysis / "Sankosa" -- What It Means To Today's African-American

Written from an Afro-centric perspective, this 4 page essay discusses the film "Sankosa" and its emotional impact on the modern-day Black-American attempting to reconcile feelings about slavery. No Bibliography.


Film Analysis / "Sankosa" -- The Importance Of Remembering

A 4 page essay on the importance of a film like "Sankosa" -- to ensure that African-Americans never forget their roots. Slavery is described as a problem that could conceivably re-occur if history fails to adequately re-tell its horrific tales. In the writer's opinion, Sankosa is most likely a chillingly real account-- worthy of anyone's attention.


Film Analysis / 'Dead Man Walking' / Portrayal Of The Criminal Justice System

The portrayal of the criminal justice system in the film Dead Man Walking is discussed in this 6 page paper. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Film Review / "Murder in the First"

4 pages in length. A thoughtful analysis of the film "Murder in the First." The writer describes the film in the context of being a commentary on the ails of our corrections system and the people who work in it. Torturous solitary confinement and other unfair punishments are examined. No Bibliography.


Film Analysis / The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola makes a human and value statement in this commercial film success. The film is analyzed from a sociological perspective in this 11 page paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


Film Analysis / Silkwood

In this 4 page report, the writer finds that Silkwood -- the biographical account of a plutonium plant worker who died mysteriously in an auto crash as she was about to expose nuclear safety violations-- shies away from taking a definitive stand on who precisely was responsible for the institutional negligence at the plant and ultimately, for Karen Silkwood's death. The writer also feels that the film is clearly slanted toward the positions of labor and the environmental-protection movement yet never tells us who was guilty. No Bibliography.


Film Review / "My Life"

A 2 page reaction to the film "My Life" starring Michael Keaton -- in which a successful young man struggles with cancer and has to deal with the fact that he is inevitably going to die -- possibly before his soon-to-be-born child arrives. The writer examines the main character's emotional pain, sense of hope, etc; No Bibliography.


Film Review / ``Diary Of Anne Frank'

A 3 page review of the movie in which the writer provides a brief plot summary and examines the question of whether or not the movie accurately represents the history of the time period it depicts.


Film Analysis - Schindler's List / Geographical & Environmental Factors

A 5 page overview of the geographical and environemtal factors which shaped the events which unfolded up to and during the events depicted in 'Schindlers List.' Identifies the many contrasts of the georaphic location and concludes that this location and the events connected to it could not occur elsewhere. Biblipography lists 2 sources.


Film Analysis / 'Babette's Feast'

A 5 page paper that considers the elements of religious affectation, lifestyle changes and "the meal" within the film, focusing on the impacts that these have on the community as well as Babette's character. (Film takes place in 19th century Denmark and deals heavily with the socio-political climate of the era).


Film - 'Devil in a Blue Dress' Analyzed

A 5 page paper which analyzes the 1995 murder mystery, Devil in a Blue Dress, which was based on a 1990 novel by Walter Mosley. Three stages of textual analysis are offered -- an interpretation of the mystery, how race affects the outcome of the mystery, and how the outcome affects our understanding of race, citing specific references to larger social issues. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Film Version / 'Wuthering Heights' (1939) Analyzed

This 5 page paper evaluates the 1939 film, Wuthering Heights, specifically in terms of its recurring geographical motif of the Yorkshire moors and the mood-capturing cinematography of Gregg Toland. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Film Production & Distribution

A 12 page overview of the film industry focusing on the legal, economic and technical means of production, and the ways in which film is distributed in the current marketplace. The writer discusses this in terms of recent changes in the industry and how these changes have affected the business decisions behind distribution. Bibliography lists 27 sources.


Film As Poetry / The Work of Andrei Tarkovsky

A 100 page research paper which argues that the films of director Andrei Tarkovsky is best understood as visual poetry rather then as films told in the usual narrative tradition. In order to effectively argue this position, the writer first presents a history of the cinema, a brief history of poetry, and a detailed look at the career of Andrei Tarkovsky. Bibliography lists 22 sources.

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