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College Essays related to 'Gangs'

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Children Who Join Gangs

5 pages. Children who join gangs have a high level of alienation. Includes hypothesis, methodology, research needs, variables, methods of analysis. Bibliography lists 3 sources.



This 5-page paper discusses the problems facing the Fairhill neighborhood in Philadelphia, also known as the Badlands because of its problems with gangs and drugs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Racism and Street Gangs

Racism remains a problem in today's society. The problem remains individual attitudes, which may be reinforced with gang membership. This 3 page paper considers how the problem of racisms in street gangs may develop and the strategies that could help reduce the violent results. The bibliography cites 5 sources.


Women in Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

This 10 page paper reviews the 1990 article "Women in Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs" by Columbus B. Hopper and Johnny Moore. Whilst describing the research the paper looks at the problems of this 17 year research project and how it was different from other social research undertakings. The paper also summarises the findings. The bibliography cites 16 sources.


Sociocultural Forces and Juvenile Gangs

A 3 page discussion of the influence sociocultural forces have in influencing juveniles to join gangs. The author demonstrates that the sociocultural forces come full circle when the same juveniles that were once influenced to join a gang start exerting influence on others. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


A Comparative Study of Attitudes of At-Risk Youths Towards Gangs

This 15 page paper provides an overview of the issue of at-risk youths opinions about gangs and the impact on their choices. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Fatherless Boys and Gangs

A 4 page paper which summarizes and examines the article "The danger of disconnection.(social aspects of fatherless boys)" by Larry K. Brendtro and Nicholas J. Long. No additional sources cited.


Leon Bing/Do or Die/Youth Gangs

A 5 page book review that compares Leon Bing's Do or Die (1992) and Youth Gangs in American Society by Randall Sheldon, Sharon Tracy and William Brown (2004). The writer argues that these books are dissimilar in style and content, but are similar in that each text conveys in-depth insight into the life of teenage gang members. No additional sources cited.


African-American Gangsters In Film / Yesterday vs. Today

8 pages in length African-American gangster mentality has changed much over the past half century. No longer is it the flamboyant, colorful lifestyle once adopted by shrewd and resourceful businessmen. The black gangster of today is a confused, angry young man who feels completely justified taking out his aggressions on innocent bystanders. The writer compares and contrasts the various differences between these two types of gang members as depicted in the movies Hoodlum and Boyz 'N The Hood. Bibliography included.


Street Gangs / A Sociological Examination

A 25 page paper that discusses the origins and status of gangs in the United States. This paper provides a working definition of gangs, discusses the sociological implications of gangs and relates perceptions from both internal and external positions. This paper presents the concept that though gangs do horrific things, they also meet some very specific sociological and psychological needs for their members. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


Suburban Gangs-Are They Different?

A 10 page research paper which postulates that suburban gangs are fundamentally different and distinct from urban gangs, and, therefore, didn't result from inner-city gang culture 'spreading' to the suburbs, but rather sprang from sociological conditions prevalent in American's suburban landscape. The writer demonstrates how this new phenomenon involves affluent, middle-class teens and crosses national boundaries. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Biker Gangs (As a Unique Problem to Law Enforcement Officals)

22 page research paper on "Biker Gangs" with analysis of their history and criminal behavior. Useful for those studying subjects relevant to criminal justice and sociology. Covered are the behavior patterns of such groups as the "1 % bikers," "Hell's Angels," and the challenging dilemmas that they present to law enforcement. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Does Gangsta Rap Cause Street Crime?

A 7 page paper on the effect of this form of music on the criminal justice issue of street crime. The writer examines the lyrics of gangsta rap songs and relates popular opinion on this issue. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Female Gangs; Social and Historical Causes

This 6 page paper considers the reasons behind the formation and continuation of girl gangs. The hypothesis behind the paper is that the causes for female gang membership are more socially orientated than their male counterparts. The effect of crime and society are also examined. The bibliography cites 8 sources.


Juvenile Gangs.

(6 pp) Generally, for purposes of this discussion, a gang can be considered to be a loosely organized group of individuals who collaborate together for social reasons. Modern day gangs now collaborate together for anti-social reasons. Gangs generally have a leader or group of leaders who issue orders and reap the fruits of the gang's activities. A gang may also wear their "colors", wear certain t ypes of clothing, tattoos, brands, or likewise imprint their gang's name, logo, or other identifying marks on their bodies. Many gangs also adopt certain types of hairstyles and communicate through the use of hand signals and graffiti on walls, streets, school work, and school property. It must be understood that it is not illegal to be in a gang and indeed many adults are currently involved in activities that meet Webster's definition for a gang. However, many gangs of t oday, especially youthful gangs, break the law to provide funding for gang activities or to further the gang's reputation on the streets. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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