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College Essays related to 'History'

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History Topics

A 5 page research paper that address 4 history topics. These are a comparison between the spice trade and today's oil trade; 2 innovative navigational discoveries that changed history; why 15th century merchants needed banks; and where --given 3 choices of where to be a slave--would it be logical to choose a location in the fifteenth century. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


History of Public Administration

A 3 page paper on the history and importance of public administration. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


History of Christianity

This 4 page paper examines some of the beliefs held by adherents to the Christian religion. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


History of Herodian Dynasty

A 3 page research paper that discusses the dynasty of Herod the Great, which ruled Palestine during the time of the New Testament. The writer discusses which of Herod the Great's descendants are referred to in different part of the New Testament. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


History of Islam: Sudan and the Dinka People

A 10 page paper which examines the history of Islam in Sudan and in relationship to the Dinka people. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


History of the La Purisima Mission

A 7 page paper which examines the history of the La Purisima Mission located in Lompoc, California. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


History and Evolution of Documentary Film

A 5 page paper which examines the history and evolution of documentary film. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


History Of The Miranda Law

8 pages in length. The law, an ever-evolving concept, must uphold the rights of those it seeks to serve. Whether alleged offender or victim, the legal process is in place as a means by which to advocate the equity inherent to a civilized society. The Supreme Court has been an instrumental force in establishing the extent to which law enforcement must obey constitutional interpretation no differently than the alleged perpetrator; one area in which this ongoing process set a significant precedent ruling is with the Miranda law, which states even though an alleged perpetrator is caught with the evidence that, for example, might otherwise link him to a robbery, if he is not fully Mirandized before spontaneously giving his confession, it will ultimately - and lawfully - cause his declaration to be thrown out of court. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


History of American Education, 1950-1980

This 10 page paper discusses the American educational system during the period 1950-1980. It touches on factors such as grading, teacher pay, working conditions and school administration, among others. Bibliography lasts 15 sources.


History of the Lake Metroparks in Northeastern Ohio

A 12 page paper which examines the history, and geological history, of the Lake Metroparks in Northeastern Ohio. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


History of Des Moines, Iowa

A 4 page paper which examines the history of Des Moines, Iowa. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


History of Higher Education & Liberty University

A 7 page research paper that addresses multiple subjects. The first 2 and half pages of this paper briefly address the history of universities, defining their traditions, applies this to the example of Liberty University and then briefly describes a non-profit organization that address experiential adult learning. The remainder of the paper discusses experiential learning in greater detail and suggests a form of experiential learning and assessment that is applicable to the student researching this topic. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


History Political Concepts

A 3 page paper which examines various history and political concepts in the United States. Bibliography lists sources.


History of Juvenile Boot Camps

A 4 page paper which examines the history of juvenile boot camps. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


History as Biography: Emerson

A 3 page paper which examines why Ralph Waldo Emerson refers to history as biography as seen in his essay History. No additional sources cited.

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