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College Essays related to 'Nature'

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Plato's Gorgias: Socrates and Understanding the Concept of Human Nature in Order to Live a Good Life

This is a 4 page paper discussing Socrates' dialogues within Plato's Gorgias in showing that to live a good life one must have the proper concept of human nature. Throughout the dialogues of Socrates documented by Plato, Socrates argues about the "good" within man. For Socrates, the "good" in man is not necessarily what people think they need or desire to become happy but it is really what man needs by nature. One's nature "daimon", relates to one's own potential and one's inner self. This potential must be met in order to obtain happiness. According to Kealey (2003), for Socrates, no one does evil willingly but only in ignorance of their true good which must be fulfilled. Virtue is knowledge whereas vice is ignorance. For humans to live a good life therefore man must understand the true concept of his own human nature and this must be fulfilled and actualized. What actualizes happiness is good which is turn is actualized through self-knowledge. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Death and Nature in Literary Works: Gabrielle Roy and Simone Schwarz-Bart

A 4 page paper which compares two stories, "The Road Past Altamont" by Gabrielle Roy and "The Bridge of Beyond" by Simone Schwarz-Bart, as they involve themes of nature and death. No additional sources cited.


Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" And James Joyce's "Araby" -- Similar Trials And Conclusions About The Nature Of Good/Evil

4 pages in length. The truth that lies within a literary work of art is that which addresses the inherently complicated and diverse attitudes as they exist within each individual. Both Young Goodman Brown and Araby are about human nature -- the very truth of human nature -- which is why they are often painful to accept. Indeed, Hawthorne and Joyce's work represent all that is the human experience, a pertinent reason why these two stories appeal so greatly to a limitless audience. A relevant phrase in literary circles that relates to the overall concept of good and evil in these tales is that of the human condition, which refers -- quite logically -- to the definition of being human. Analyzing Young Goodman Brown and Araby, one finds the human condition is a regular consideration, in that humanity is constantly in question: Is Man strong or weak, good or evil, redeemed or condemned, honorable or chicken-hearted? The climate of the human condition is what compels the authors to delve deeply into the conscience of humanity through their struggling protagonists. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


The Role of Nature in Milton's, "L'Allegro":

This 3 page paper examines how nature is employed in Milton's famous "L'Allegro". Nature is a very important component to this work, and therefore this paper seeks to analyze why Milton used nature in the way he did and to what end. Bibliography lists 1 source.


COmparing and Contrasting the Views of Plato and Hobbes on Knowledge, Nature, Politics and Justice:

This 5 page paper examines the philosophies of Plato and Hobbes on issues of knowledge, nature, politics and justice. This paper explores the inherent rationalist nature of Plato while also exploring the inherent empiracist nature of Hobbes. Bibliography lists 3 sources.



This 3 page paper discusses Adrienne Rich's poem, A woman Mourned by Daughters' for the elements a poet uses to describe her art. Bibliography lists 1 source.


The Damaging Nature Of Prejudice And Social Stereotypes To Define Characters In 3 Stories

8 pages in length. The writer compares/contrasts prejudice and social stereotypes as they relate to August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson," "Joe Turner's Come and Gone," and Raymond Carver's "Cathedral." No additional sources cited.


The Changing Nature of Managing Salesmen

This 12 page paper considers how the management of salespeople in the UK has change over the last fifty years. Once a downtrodden profession with an approach bases on administrative and economic man, the competitive environment has forced a change in the way the salespeople are managed and development in the human relations school of thought have indicates tools that can be used. However, it can be argued that the real changes are only occurring due to the way a change in culture can support the new strategies. The bibliography cites 10 sources.


Counseling Theory: The Nature of People

This 7 page paper provides an overview of the nature of people and the counseling theory that can be used to understand behaviors. This paper integrates a view of the role of the counselor and the theory of change that can be applied to understanding individuals seeking help. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


Cognitive Psychology and Views of Nature and Madness

This 12 page paper provides an overview of some of the basic elements of cognitive psychology, including Erikson's theories. This paper integrates a view of cognitive psychology that can be used in an understanding of nature and madness. Bibliography lists 15 sources.


The Nature of Human Relationships in Sinclair Ross' "As for Me and My House"

A 10 page paper which examines the nature of human relationships seen in Sinclair Ross' work "As for Me and My House." No additional sources cited.


The Impact of Organizational Culture on the Nature of Its Security

This 19 page paper recognizes that organizational culture impacts the way in which a business operates, how their basic systems are designed, how communication is passed along, and the way in which security protocols are implemented, changed and maintained. This paper considers the impact of organizational culture on the nature of its security. Bibliography lists 15 sources.


The Nature of Evil in Humans as Seen in Literature

A 6 page paper which examines whether man is inherently evil or becomes evil. The paper uses Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," Hitler's "My Struggle," and Moliere's "Tartuffe" for the examination. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


The Diverse Nature of America's West

This 5 page paper looks at the history of the region, how the west was settled, the California gold rush, and manifest destiny. The focus of the essay is on the fact that the character of the west is a melting pot. Various groups of migrants and immigrants are discussed from years ago and today. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


The Nature and Importance of Intimacy

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the theme of intimacy and considers the correlation between this theme and the presentation of symbolism in Jose Saramago's Blindness and Sinclair Ross' The Lamp at Noon. Specifically, this paper relates the link between visual imagery and the thematic development of intimacy in these works. No additional sources cited.

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