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College Essays related to 'Pollution'

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Pollution In The Everglades

A 5 page outline of pollutant and other adverse environmental impacts to the Everglades. Identifies domestic wastewater, over development and the sugar industry as being the primary impacts to this extremely sensitive environmental area. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Pollution Control

A 4 page paper examining the 'best' means for controlling the growth of pollution in any country--whether industrialized or developing. The paper briefly discusses air and water pollution, but concentrates more on the growth of the world's human population. Developing countries with burgeoning population centers have tried varying methods of controlling their population growth with little success, and the paper concludes that the most effective means of control is through education. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Pollution in the Rhine: Effects on the Environment

A 15 page overview of the environmental degradation which has been experienced in the Rhine region as a result of overdevelopment. Outlines the industrial and domestic pollutants and discusses their impact to the environment and to human health. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Pollution Control

This 7 page paper discusses food, water and air pollution and its necessary control by private enterprise and government. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Pollution In Los Angeles, California

A 5 page paper. Until recently, Los Angeles was the smoggiest city in the United States. It is now in second place after Houston. This essay discusses the air pollution and provides some data regarding Los Angeles. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Pollution from the Santa Barbara Oil Platforms

5 pages. Gives an overview of the unsightliness and pollution being caused by the oil platforms off the coast of California. While there are some positive aspects of the oil platforms, such as the fact that they support marine life, the negative ones in the form of pollution far outweigh the good. Included is a 1 page abstract of this paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Pollution And A Hypothetical Landowner: Implications Of The Law

5 pages in length. The environment around Fred Smith's land has been in trouble for a long time due to decades and decades of misuse, exploitation and degradation, which have ultimately placed a tremendous burden upon the land and air resources. Re-establishing what has already been destroyed, as well as protecting what still exists, is what local and state law enforcement officials are working feverishly to achieve before Smith's chemical plant imposes anymore damage. With the support of environmental law, significant improvement will be established to rectify damage already done as well as prevent any further from occurring. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Pollution Prevention Can Create Profit

This 9 page paper argues that a company that there is not an automatic clash between profit making and pollution reduction, The paper argues that preventing pollution can result in both direct and indirect profits. The paper looks at both theory and real life examples to present this argument. The bibliography cites 8 sources.


Pollution and the Tourism Industry

This 20 page paper examines the link between tourism and pollution focusing on air and water pollution. The paper explores how and why tourisms is causing pollution, this includes looking at how tourism is increasing, the ways in which air travel increases the presence of greenhouse gases and the pollutions caused by cruise ships. Other sources of pollution are also discussed with the paper ending by considering the extent of the pollution. The bibliography cites 20 sources.


Pollution and China

A 6 page paper which examines the pollution problems in China. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Pollution in China

This 8 page paper examines the problem of water and air pollution in China, assessing the causes and extent of the problem as well as the measures that have been taken to reduce pollution. The paper also considers measures taking in other areas to deal with similar problems. The bibliography cites 8 sources.


Air Pollution

A 6 page paper presenting a general overview of air pollution. Causes and effects are discussed both in laymen's terms and with some chemical references. Bibliography contains 4 sources.


The Health Effects of Air Pollution

An 8 page review of the health impacts of air pollution. Discusses the major pollutants such as carbon monoxide, particulates, and ozone and describes their physiological effects on the human body. Provides an outline of the effects of air pollution on respiration, the incidence of cancer and neonatal and infant mortality. Includes a 1 page Roman numeral outline. Bibliography lists 11 sources.


Human Habitations' Contribution to Pollution

This 12 page report discusses the contribution made by humans and their habitats to the growth of pollution and the depletion of the earth's natural resources. The past several decades have shown that there is considerable evidence that science and technology can create more efficient ways to coexist with nature and actually reduce environmental degradation. However, there must always be a concern that enough is truly being done. Improvement over the past means little if the natural resources of the planet continue to be depleted. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Skeet Shooting & Pollution

This 9 page paper focuses on a legal case concerning The Long Island Soundkeeper Fund and The New York Coastal Fishermen's Association v. The New York Athletic Club. The case addressed environmental issues and was under the Clean Water Act umbrella. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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