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College Essays related to 'Pop Culture'

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This 7 page paper examines the idea of Pop culture as a Consumer model. Examples are given which suppor this thesis. All quotes cited from text. Bibliography lists 2 sources.



This 4 page paper discusses the ramifications of American movies in foreign markets and countries and what this has to do with the impact of globalization around the world. Bibliograpy lists 3 sources.


Pop Culture Inventory

This 4 page paper provides a pop culture inventory and analyzes it. What does it represent? How might these things influence decision-making? Various issues are addressed as it respects this list which includes films, CDs, venues, bands, paperback novels and ethnic foods. No bibliography.


The Impact of the 'Star Wars' Trilogy on American Pop Culture

A 12 page paper which examines how George Lucas' blockbuster Star Wars film trilogy has impacted American popular culture. Bibliography lists 13 sources.


The Development of Sound Synthesizers in Response to Pop Culture

A 6 page paper that discusses how the legacy of electronic music has emerged since its first application to Bach to one of necessity by all musicians in order to re-create studio sounds on stage. The industry has responded well to artists' needs by creating the MIDI system that has made it possible to bring music to all electronic mediums, including the Internet. However, this does not preclude the earlier electronic systems built in the 1970s which are still used by popular bands. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Jean Baudrillard on Pop Art and Pop Culture

A 10 page research paper that examines the aesthetic perspective of Frenchman Jean Baudrillard pertaining to pop art and culture. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Group Dynamics and Pop Culture

A 16 page paper applying social theory to pop culture. It has long been argued that pop culture rises from social conditions, but it can also be argued that social changes drive pop culture changes as well. Hip Hop can be seen as being a subculture that developed in a narrow geographical area and then extended to the rest of the country in clothing style and rap music, but the reverse can be argued as well. The success of Hip Hop also can be seen as developing as a need arose within the adolescent community that adolescents filled with rap albums and baggy pants. In the space of only a few months, Americans turned to patriotism with amazing speed. Groups dedicated to collecting money for the families of victims of heart-stopping terrorist attacks appeared and swung into action. Our shallowness and self-absorption gave way nearly instantly in the face of a true crisis. Bibliography lists 15 sources.


Questions and Answers in Pop Culture

This 4 page paper examines the icon in society through the use of five questions. Society is discussed in general. The concepts of icon and hero are defined and explored. Oprah and Al Sharpton are each discussed in depth. No bibliography.


Pop Culture's Influence On The Use Of Diet Drugs

This 12 page paper looks at the effects of pop culture on body image. The negative influence of the media enhances a booming diet drug industry. Many subjects are addressed including the recent Fen-phen controversy and differences in body image by race and sex. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources.


American Pop Culture in Asia

A 7 page paper which examines the impact of American popular culture on Asia, in terms of food, fashion, sports and amusements. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Advances in Weapon Technology American Pop Culture: 1920 through 1960

This is a 6 page paper which is divided into two topics. Half of the paper deals with the advancec in weapon techology during the first half of the 20th century and the second half of the paper deals with pop culture changes during that same period of tim. There is no bibliography.


Gender Roles and American Popular Culture

A 5 page essay on culture and gender roles. The writer details how education, popular culture, and advertising both reflect and create gender roles. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Mass Media In Popular Culture

An 8 page paper on the effects of mass media in society. The paper's main topic is how mass media can and does influence popular belief about politics, people, and products. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Popular Culture / Sexuality In Prime Time Television

5 pages in length. Sex sells big, and television executives are the first to cash in on the potential draw of prime time television sexual content. However, there exist underlying considerations of this popular culture with regard to the negative side that such entertainment produces, from degenerating morals to low self-image. The writer identifies how prime time sexuality has negatively affected society, demonstrates how other journalists have reported on the issue, proposes a study and discusses its outcome. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Child Abuse as Depicted by Media and Popular Culture

This 10 page paper provides a review of literature on the subject of child abuse and then compares it to how media and popular culture project it to the public. The public perception of deviance is discussed. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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