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College Essays related to 'Quality Of Life'

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Quality Of Life As An Outcome Measure: Political And Ethical Implications

6 pages in length. Since the very first move toward humanizing the medical industry, quality of life has been a standard for measuring a patient's outcome. Indeed, while there may be medical procedures still to be applied to a particular disease or condition, the individual's quality of life must first be considered before deciding to implement further treatment. What is quality of life and why is it so important to patient care? In the context of patient care, quality of life represents the extent to which an individual can continue living his or her normal existence without the overwhelming presence of invasive medical procedures or treatments. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Quality of Life with AIDS

An 8 page research paper that summarizes the issues associated with helping patients preserve their quality of life after an HIV/AIDS diagnosis. Bibliography lists 11 sources.


Premature Babies / Quality of Life

A 6 page paper that explores love and God's mercy for premature babies. The writer argues that despite the costs, doctors, parents and babies enjoy love when given the chance to live. The paper supports the concept of this love through biblical quotations and other sources. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Crime, Delinquency And Quality Of Life

The one thing that crime, delinquency and quality of life have in common is the foundation of family. This 7 page paper explores the state of juvenile crime, the response to that crime and the views on a solution to the problem. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Concept Analysis in Nursing: Quality of Life

This 5 page paper provides a concept analysis regarding quality of life. Within the analysis, many examples are given. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Tube Feeding The Elderly: Quality Of Life

5 pages in length. Tube feeding, an invasive way in which to force nutrients into the system, is routinely utilized as a manner by which to keep otherwise terminally ill patients alive. Understanding the nature of the act, as well as acknowledging the ethical implications of such an heroic - if not overstepping - measure, causes one to consider if such nursing intervention is warranted when compared to the patient's diminished quality of life. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Impact On Quality Of Life

8 pages in length. The stigma attached to obsessive compulsive disorder often brings people to a level of anxiety over their inability to control their behavior, which only serves to exacerbate the anxiety compelling them to display the repetitive actions inherent to OCD in the first place. So intense is this angst that it all but inhibits the individual's quality of life, ultimately compounding the ability to successfully overcome the disorder. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Nursing's Contribution to Quality of Life

A 7 page paper defining and discussing quality of life as a concept of nursing. The paper mentions those beyond the ability to care for themselves or be cognizant of the world around them but focuses on those facing change as having the greatest issues for the nurse. Quality of life likely always will depend more on individuals' perceptions of their own than on anyone else's definition of it for someone else. The nurse can assist an adjusting patient to find that place where s/he believes quality of life is fine, regardless of the physical circumstances with which they live. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Criteria Determining Quality of Life

A 3 page consideration of the factors that affect quality of life. This paper discusses literacy, longevity, and per capita consumption of electricity as it pertains to Germany, Japan, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Prostate Cancer and Quality of Life

A 5 page research paper that offers a proposal for a qualitative study that would investigate qualify of life issues for a prostate cancer patient and his life partner. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Prostate Cancer and Quality of Life

A 5 page literature review focusing on quality of life following diagnosis of or treatment for prostate cancer. The bottom line that each of these studies finds is that there are at least four major themes associated with patient QOL. Those are "enduring uncertainty, living with treatment effects, coping with changes, and needing help" (Harden, et al., 2002; p. 701). Placing attention to each of these areas can assist patients with maintaining and even improving QOL after a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Prostate Victims & Their Partners/Quality of Life

A 5 page research paper that takes the form of a research study proposal, which briefly describes an area that is under addressed by empirical research, specifically, this area pertains to quality of life issues that take into consideration factors that affect not only the health of the cancer victim, but also consider how quality of life issues affects the patient's life partner. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Quality of Life: Assisted Suicide

A 5 page paper which argues for the right to have an assisted suicide. The paper focuses on ethics and the quality of life. Bibliography lists 1 source.


Health Care Policies: Improving Quality Of Life?

This 5 page paper explores the relationship between quality of life, health and public policy. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


Sustainable Development, Quality of Life and the Environment in Africa

This is a 4 page paper discussing sustainable development in Africa. The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) reports on the consensus which exists between African governments on the importance of sustainable development for their future. Sustainable development, defined as "a new approach to economic development with emphasis on food security, social development and environmental security" is considered the "key to poverty reduction in the region" (ECA, 2003). There are certain trends which have been occurring in Africa over the past several decades which are considered the most important in regards to sustainable development which have affected the quality of life within the region. Certain areas which have been addressed are: sustainable increases in agricultural productivity; coordinating population growth with the level of food production; monitoring environmental issues; improvements in the use of water; utilizing advances in science and technology in the areas of food security and sustainable development; and addressing population health. While cooperation between African governments, sub-regions, and national and international institutions within the past decade has led to an increased commitment in regards to sustainable development, ongoing civil conflicts within the region also impede the progress of many programs and conservation of resources. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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