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College Essays related to 'Sports'

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Betting to Lose - Illegal Sports Gambling on America's Campuses

A 5-page paper that examines the causes and concerns of widespread illegal sports gambling practices among America's college and university students. Discussed is the nature of this problem and the steps that are being considered to resolve it. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Natural Turf Versus Artificial Turf Sports Fields

This 16 page report discusses the benefits and controversies that exist in the sports world regarding artificial and natural turf playing fields. In the big money realm of professional sports, playing surfaces are generally chosen and maintained on the basis of what is the most cost effective and least problematic. Concerns regarding aesthetics, the "feel" of the surface, and personal preference of the players have been thought of as secondary, even tertiary, concerns. However, a huge number of injuries have been directly blamed on artificial turf and have resulted in key players being kept out of a game or even put on the injured list for an entire season. This report examines a number of those concerns and looks at potential alternatives. Bibliography lists 15 sources.


The Influence of Sports Pressures on Academic Performance

This 10 page paper considers the ways in which athletic students may find a conflict of interests between their academic performance and sports commitments. The paper considers how these different influences may effect the student as well as examining several reports that give differing results regarding the graduation rates of athletic and non athletic students. The bibliography cites 10 sources.


Corporate Naming Rights and Professional Sports Facilities

This 9 page report discusses various concerns associated with naming rights between corporations such as Delta Airlines and a sports facility (i.e. The Delta Center). Such partnerships can be mutually beneficial while also serving as an indicator that the business/sports connection can only move beyond where it is today. However, it is difficult to find the proper balance that meets the needs and wishes of both parties. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


The Career Of Sports Broadcasting

5 pages in length. Once relegated to the mundane composition of black and white print, the career of sports broadcasting has blossomed into a prestigious, high paying position of contemporary radio and television. The thrill of instant gratification, close proximity to the players and the dazzle of television are just some of the reasons why the career of sports broadcasting has become so popular during the latter part of the twentieth century. A job in sports media today is not like it was in the 1950s, where the primary task of writing up the game review and publishing it in the next day's paper was about as exciting as it got. Today, the thrill of live television and radio, coupled with the significant technological advancements in this particular media field, have made sports broadcasting a career to covet. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


An Overview Of Sports Statistics

This 8 page paper discusses the world of sports statistics. Examples provided are within the sport of baseball. Several formulas are provided with an explanation of what they mean. How statistics are used is also discussed with some examples of player's salaries. Bibliography lists 7 source.


A Sports Psychology Methodology

An 8 page paper discussing views of the effect of negative feedback on athletes and proposing a research methodology for assessing the link. The paper proposes assigning six athletes to each of six coaches, using two groups as controls, two for receiving mildly negative feedback, and two for receiving harshly negative feedback. It includes a chart of the predicted results, which is that the athletes receiving the most consistently negative feedback suffer the greatest decline in performance over the study's two-week period. Bibliography lists 13 sources.


Technology, Global Changes, and Sports: 1980 and 2000

A 5 page paper which compares and contrasts the conditions, changes, and events concerning technology, global changes, and sports as they relate to the years 1980 and 2000. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Professional Sports Stadium: An Unnecessary Drain on the Taxpayer

A 10 page contention that only a selective proportion of the American public is interested in or profits either economically or recreationally from sports stadiums. Presents various statistics and economic and philosophic arguments demonstrating the unfairness which is inherent in requiring the taxpayer to foot the bill for the construction of these stadiums. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Enhancing the Image of Errant Professional Sports Figures

A 10 page paper discussing workable approaches to professional sports teams' crisis management. The paper uses Panthers' Rae Carruth and the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis as examples. Carruth was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Ray Lewis was implicated in a murder but was acquitted. Both had the potential to damage the teams' image in their home cities, but it appears that has not happened. Lewis even followed his summer acquittal with a season that gained him the titles of league Defensive Player of the Year and the Super Bowl's MVP. The Ravens were fortunate in not requiring concerted crisis management. Bibliography lists 13 sources.


Transports of Self/Depictions of Travel

A 6 page essay that examines the effect of travel on writers Samuel Johnson, Gustave Flaubert, and Rudyard Kipling. The writer argues that in previous centuries travel was synonymous with adventure and the only sure way to learn about different customs. This was expressed well by Johnson who said "to know life well, one must see it first hand." Bibliography lists 4 sources.


"Sports gambling"

A five page paper which looks at the widespread social problem of teenage gambling, particularly in relation to college sports, and considers the various ways the problem could be addressed in terms of public attitudes to gambling, legislation and the role of the NCAA in its management of young athletes' interests. Bibliography lists 4 sources


Intramural Sports: The Positives and Negatives

An 11 page overview of the impacts of intramural sports. Overall intramural sports can offer a tremendously positive influence to a student's college experience. Participation in intramural sports, results not only in bettered physical condition but also instills a sense of belonging. There are some negative factors associated with intramural sports as well, however. Two of the most prominent of these are the association of the desire to win with violence and the question of who should fund intramural sports programs. This paper emphasizes that with appropriate design and management, however, even these factors can be overcome. Bibliography lists 20 sources.


Female Coaches May Be Detrimental to Male Sports Teams

This 15 page paper provides a proposal for an experiment to prove the hypothesis, in addition to reviewing a great deal of research in the field. Literature pertinent to sports and gender relationships in general provide support for the thesis. Research which addresses female coaching specifically is also provided, inclusive of the psychological effects it has on the male. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


"Sports marketing"

An eight page paper which looks at several aspects of sports marketing, in terms of the potential consumer base, marketing strategies, the importance of market research and the way in which these factors affect both sport itself and sports-related products. Bibliography lists 6 sources

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