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College Essays related to 'Torture'

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Torture in Bush's America

This 6 page paper argues that torture is permissible only in extremely narrowly-defined circumstances, not as a routine method of dealing with prisoners. It argues further that the Bush administration has in fact made the definition far too broad, and embraced torture; this is not surprising for an administration that is secretive, corrupt and power-mad. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Analyzing an Article on Torture

This 3 page paper uses the content analysis method to allow an objective approach to an article on the subject of torture. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


The Coup: Torture Of The Chilean People As It Relates To Paulina From Antonio Skarmeta's 'The Postman' And Mario From Ariel Dorfman's 'Death And The Maiden'

8 pages in length. The torture endured by the Chilean people at the hands of those who orchestrated the coup is undeniable. The military rebellion, which occurred in 1973 as a means by which to overthrow the democratically elected government established by Salvador Allende, was the cause of death and disappearance for thousands upon thousands of Chilean people. Even today, over one thousand individuals are still unaccounted for as a direct result of the torture that ensued. This unwarranted torment was documented in a number of literary writings, including Antonio Skarmeta's The Postman and Ariel Dorfman's Death and the Maiden, in which the characters of Paulina and Mario represent both the suffering and discovery that was apparent for those who were forced to endure such torture. The writer discusses how these two characters depict Chilean torture during the coup. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


The Use of Torture in Crime and Punishment in the 16th Century

A 10 page research paper that discusses the use of torture in the power struggle that was being played out between the Catholic Church and the rising tide of Protestantism. The writer argues that it was used quite successfully by both sides. The Catholic Church used torture via the various tribunals of the Inquisition to successfully suppress even the mildest hints of disobedience to church authority, while 16th century author John Foxe used descriptions of torture against Protestant martyrs to cement the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England as well as insuring the continuation of Protestantism within that country. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


The Torture of American POWs in Japan During WWII

This 6 page paper outlines the brutal conditions that POWs were subject to in Japan. Details of horrific experiments are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


The Arguments For Torture; Are They Right?

Michael Levin puts forward a strong argument in favour of allowing torture where the motivation is to save innocent lives, for example, where many lives are threatened by terrorism. This 10 page paper considers the arguments he puts forward to support the proposition and considers the flaws of the arguments; why they may be wrong in terms of assumptions inherent in his approach and philosophical basis. The bibliography cites 8 sources.


Is Torture Justified?

This 4 page paper examines various authors' opinions to see whether or not torture is justified. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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